Project info


Condo HOA had a very bad leaking elevator pit . The state inspector required repairing issue or possible elevator closure. This pit was located near Sea World and located under the ocean water table.


Paramount engineered a “strainer pipe” injection process to inject floor pit and walls.

Elevator pit had high ocean water pressure. We drilled a strainer pipe system between elevator shaft and steel casings. We created three pockets of injection in segments to stop leaks.

Holes were drilled through 17” floor slab to ocean bay water between elevator steel casings and shaft.

Grout balls were created through injection to lock water out and reduce water pressure under the pit.

Paramount also engineered a fast cured injection process that allowed chemical urethane to rapidly expand and cure between below pit bedrock and sea water

Due to to high velocity sea water Paramount worked to pioneer a “Strainer pipe injection process “ to complete the last stages of the injection work.

Paramount also engineered bentonite paragranules and a Hydrualic water stop as secondary water barrier methods to stop this sea.

The touchdown was creating a final water tight elevator pit basin. This project showcases the innovative solutions Paramount is able to deliver to its customers.